Chronicled Starter Kit (BLE)

Chronicled Starter Kit (BLE)

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Who should order?

  • App Developers, IT Professionals, Marketing Professionals, CIOs, Brand CTOs, Hobbyists, Blockchain Developers

What do you get?

Starter Kit (BLE) 

Interested in engagement features, longer range, iOS / Android compatibility? Try BLE.

  • BLE Token (2x)
  • Admin App (Android) - Configure your tags and widgets
  • Admin App (iOS) - coming soon
  • API Access [contact]

          What can I do with the starter kit?

          • Visually inspect the chips and form factors
          • Register chip identities to the Open Registry for IoT
          • Build your own App to work with a chip 

          What are some ideal applications of the technology?

          • Product Authentication / Anti-Counterfeiting
          • Tamperproofing
          • Supply Chain Track and Trace
          • Temperature Logging
          • Provenance
          • Proximity-based interaction
          • Document Security
          • Assigning Secure Digital Identity
          • E-Commerce

          How are the solutions currently being used?

          • Pharmaceutical drugs, tobacco, cigars, cannabis
          • Artworks, galleries, showrooms, museums
          • Paper Documents, Deeds, Contracts
          • Handbags, leather goods
          • Perishables
          • License Plates, Identification
          • Routers, Flight computers, secure servers
          • Smart meters
          • Automobiles, drones
          • Palettes, boxes, envelopes

          When will my order be sent?

          • Please expect a 4 week lead time on your delivery