Chronicled Starter Kit (CryptoSeal)

Chronicled Starter Kit (CryptoSeal)

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Who should order?

  • App Developers, IT Professionals, Marketing Professionals, CIOs, Brand CTOs, Hobbyists, Blockchain Developers

What do you get?

Starter Kit (CryptoSeal) 

If you want to securely seal anything (document, package, etc.) this is where you should look.

  • Cryptoseal (2x)
  • Admin App (Android)
  • API Access [contact]

            What can I do with the starter kit?

            • Visually inspect the chips and form factors
            • Register chip identities to the Open Registry for IoT
            • Build your own App to work with a chip 

            What are some ideal applications of the technology?

            • Product Authentication / Anti-Counterfeiting
            • Tamperproofing
            • Supply Chain Track and Trace
            • Temperature Logging
            • Provenance
            • Proximity-based interaction
            • Document Security
            • Assigning Secure Digital Identity
            • E-Commerce

            How are the solutions currently being used?

            • Pharmaceutical drugs, tobacco, cigars, cannabis
            • Artworks, galleries, showrooms, museums
            • Paper Documents, Deeds, Contracts
            • Handbags, leather goods
            • Perishables
            • License Plates, Identification
            • Routers, Flight computers, secure servers
            • Smart meters
            • Automobiles, drones
            • Palettes, boxes, envelopes

            When will my order be sent?

            • Please expect a 4 week lead time on your delivery